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feb 25, 2013

Today is the World commedia dell'arte day!

Today is the world commedia dell'arte day. Today we celebrate commedia dell'arte. We think of those who by tradition have been the basis for the foundation of this professional theater. They were/are our teachers and inspirers that build the house of the commedia. Where in each room special meetings took place. With Maphio dei Re Zanini and Comici dell'arte in the kitchen, with all the lovers of the Uniti, Desiosi, Confidenti, Fedeli, Acessi, Gelosi loving or fighting eachother in the ballroom. With Carlo Goldoni, Carlo Gozzi, Moliere, Shakespeare, Faminio Scala in the library  discussing the contents of a zilbaldoni. With Jacques Callot the capitano's the Balli di Sfessania sketches in the garden, Tristiano Martinelli who dressed as Arlecchino with his acrobatics fills the corridors of  the house. Domenico Bianco Lelli in the attic searching costumes for his numerous costume changes. The game (le yeu) that just keeps on going. Increasingly over the centuries, People went to renew, to refresh, to reconstruct the house. People like Donato Satori, Jaques le Cog, Strehler,Soleri ,Dario Fo, Antonio Fava, Carlo Boso, Ole Brekke, Rob Erenstein, Fabio Mangiolini, Aus Greidanus, Matthew R Wilson , Sat, Teatro di Richerche, countless teachers, theatre groups, sculptors, mask makers, painters, actors. All those today of the commedia dell arte day group 1393 people and the 1626 people commedia page from Italy, Spain, France, England, Denmark,Netherlands, Germay, America; all over the world, who was appointed by name or with no publicity helped to build this house because they are inspired by the Commedia dell'arte. It is a world home for everyone. Have a great day!


Patrizia Esposito

Teatro Animo

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sep 24, 2021
Het masker atelier in Utrecht kan weer open op afspraak.

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