Commedia dell´Arte Masks for sale. Maskers te koop.

The masks are all made of leather, hand shaped and painted with great attention and patience.

They are designed by my hands.


They are light weight suitable for dancers, singers, actors and of course partypeople.

Each masks is unique. I never reproduce the same mask.


Please contact me about the masks to know which are availible or for other photo- or video examples, the costs and how much time it will take to make them. A mask set can be 5 to 10 or more different charactermasks. 

I always send my mask with assurance exta costs depends on the country but is about 25,- euro's or less.


You can find my Mask Atelier in the center of Utrecht, 

If you want to visit my atelier please contact me for an appointment, also for information about the prizes. I don't have regular opening times


Traditional coloured masks/set


De maskers van leer zijn op de oude ambachtelijke wijze gemaakt, zoals ze dat al deden in de 16de eeuw. Als u geïnteresseerd bent in de aankoop van één of meerdere van deze maskers, stuur dan een mailtje waarin u de naam van het masker vermeld dat u wilt bestellen. Ik kan u dan vertellen ofdat deze beschikbaar is of nog bijgemaakt kan worden en hoelang dat duurt.


In het centrum van Utrecht kan je mijn Masker Atelier op afspraak bezoeken.

Prijzen van de maskers op aanvraag.


Some masks of the naturel coloured set


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Olly Crick ´I broke into the department office today and liberated my lovely new passionate capitano. It is a good capitano, loving, terrifying and cowardly.Excellent.´ 

Kostas Giannopoulos- Ámazing work and quality!

Jonathan Rousseau- A great designer of leather masks.


At this moment my masks travel around the world in countries like the United Kingdom, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, America, New York and Greece  and on different schools in the Netherlands to tell their stories.



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jul 10, 2023

Het masker atelier in Cothen is open op afspraak.










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